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Syrian Christians: ‘We only have the Almighty Left to Protect us’

Isis fighters, pictured on a militant website verified by AP.

On Monday, ISIS rampaged through Christian Assyrian villages in an onslaught that has yet to make prominent headlines in America.

The Vice president of the Assyrian Church in Lebanon (Yatroun Colliana) noted that…

“ISIS terrorists carried out this attack against these Assyrian villages, and the number of our people still there in the area is somewhere between seven and ten thousand people. The rest fled to Lebanon, or Iraq or other countries. At the very least, we know that our families face great dangers, and they are now threatened with death, or kidnapping or displacement.”

According to sources, ISIS allegedly swept through the Christian villages and kidnapped 100 young men and women. This was later confirmed by several human rights organizations calling for immediate action by the international community in the fight against ISIS.

According to Colliana…

“the [ISIS] fighters entered the town of Tal Shamriun and took it over. The popular Assyrian and Kurdish committees were carrying out the defense of these towns as much as they could, but they could not repel these groups of ISIS fighters which were equipped with modern weapons. Meanwhile, the warplanes of the coalition [to fight against ISIS] were hovering in the airspace above the area without targeting ISIS locations or their groupings, as if nothing were happening.”


“the problem is that this danger [ISIS] still threatens our people, meanwhile the world stands by silently watching. We are asking Iraqi officials to open up the borders, at least to let women and children escape.”

Colliana concluded his interview by stating that Christians in the middle-east “only had the Almighty Left” to protect them.


Christians Slaughtered: Where is the outrage?

As I sit and watch these things unfold in the world, I honestly can’t help but be appalled (and outraged).

The world (including America) is standing idly by as a genocidal cult (Such as ISIS) slaughters thousands of Christians in the middle-east while sending the rest fleeing for their own lives.

TOA (The Obama Administration) claims that it is ‘leading the pack’ in the war against ISIS, however when you consider the gradual and rapid growth of the Organization — one can’t help but conclude that inaction of TOA is actually ‘leading the pack’ in the Establishment of ISIS.

ISIS: Still a “Jayvee Team” Mr. President?

I often think back to when ISIS was a very small group with less than 300 fighters.

When United States Intelligence officials made the issue known to President Obama, he simply shrugged it off and implied that the threat wasn’t really serious.

Now the number has soared to an army of over 200,000 fighters and President Obama still refuses to take the threat seriously (or just doesn’t care).

Nearly 2 years ago (when addressing ISIS), The President made known that his objective is to “Degrade and ultimately destroy” ISIS — yet nearly 2 years later the organization continues to grow, thrive, and spread while the President still asserts that his plan is working.

Not to mention the fact that the weapons used by ISIS to conquer half of the mid-east is American equipment that was reportedly ‘stolen’ from the Iraqi soldiers after they were defeated by ISIS.

However according to the Iraqi soldiers, ISIS used superior [American] weaponry to defeat them.

Now I am no rocket scientist, but anyone can clearly see that the narrative created by the Obama Administration does not add up. (But I digress)


End Times: Persecution of the Saints

The bottom line is this, Christians are being slaughtered in large numbers in the middle-east yet American Christians are so uninformed (or distracted) that we are standing idly by and doing nothing.

But to make matters worse, this administrati0n is permitting the genocide taking place against religious minorities (Christians) in middle-eastern countries.

President Obama Addresses thePresident Obama keeps talking about what America “Will” to do to stop ISIS but he is not actually leading us to do anything (effective).

The President essentially drops a few bombs on a few locations (after publicly announcing it) and then has the nerve to wonder why his bombing campaign is ineffective.

After broadcasting his plan on National Television, the President may as well send ISIS the coordinates for his next bombing campaign (if he hasn’t already).

However the real shocker is not that he is doing this, instead it is that the American people are so naive that they still think it is being done in ignorance.

Forget the fact that President Obama graduated from Columbia University and received his graduates from Harvard Law School — People actually think that he is so incompetent that he didn’t have the common sense to NOT publicly announce his plans against ISIS.

If anyone is incompetent, clearly its anyone who believes that.


Proselytizing for Islam:

If you haven’t noticed, each time their is an act of terror committed by ISIS (or any radicals Islamists)

— Instead of taking any real initiative to stop them, President Obama goes on national television and proselytizes for Islam. Often preaching to the world about how ‘Peaceful’ and ‘Great’ the religion is and how these people [ISIS] are twisting a beautiful religion.

But then again the President is simply doing what he said he would do in Egypt, 2009.

“I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear”

In fact, not long ago the President actually compared Christianity with ISIS at a National Prayer breakfast.

But as a final thought, I leave you with this…

Christians within America remain silent as our brethren are being slaughtered in the middle-east despite the fact that we have the power to do something.

Maybe it is the fear of being called…

  • Racist
  • Hateful
  • Intolerant
  • Islamophobic

Or whatever new term they conjure up to silence all dissent.

Whatever it may be, one thing I know for sure is this…

The same silence that our brethren in the mid-east are hearing while they are being slaughtered by ISIS — will be the same silence that Christians in America hear in their time of need if we don’t stand up and do something about it — while there is still time.

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