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OPINION: Race-Wars, Riots, and Terrorism. Being used as Diversion? You won’t believe This.

Preface: Although I contemplated writing this post a thousand times, each time I  would somehow fool myself into “letting things slide” under the hopes that maybe (just maybe) — many of the seemingly suspicious things unfolding in the news could … Continue reading

3RD TERM: ‘Conspiracies’ arise after sudden Death of Supreme Court Justice

UPDATE: According to reports, An autopsy will not be performed on the body of Justice Scalia. Local law enforcement saying no evidence to suggest foul-play — Scalia family has consented. Supreme Court Justice Found Dead For those of you who … Continue reading

Hillary Clinton: ‘Aliens may have already visited Earth’

Hillary Clinton: Aliens and UFOs? For those of you who have been avid readers of this blog for some time now, you may remember that post that we wrote a while ago in which we explained the Alien Phenomena from … Continue reading

Presidential SLIP? ‘We are Training ISIL (ISIS) Forces’ [VIDEO]

ISIS/ISIL – The ‘Invisible’ Threat Roughly 3 years ago, no one had heard of the Terror group known as ISIS/ISIL. However everyone was somewhat familiar with Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden. In fact, I still remember the 2011 night … Continue reading

REPORT: Hiker Stumbles across U.N. Military-base IN AMERICA

U.N. military bases in America? Imagine you decide to go for a walk on a brisk yet sunny day. So you head to one of your favorite nature trails and begin walking the usual route. However while walking, you decide … Continue reading

The 4th Branch: Is Shadow Government Ruling America?

As reported by CBN News — If there’s one thing the Founding Fathers cared about, it was liberty. And some constitutional experts say the last thing they would’ve wanted was an unelected bureaucracy that could steal your property, your rights, … Continue reading

REPORT: Malaysia Flight 370, a ‘Covert Operation’ ? [VIDEO]

MH370: Location? Unknown In 2014, a Malaysian airliner disappeared from the face of the earth — along with its pilots and all of its passengers. 1 year later (today), the whereabouts of the plane and its passengers are still unknown. … Continue reading

N. Korea threatens to blow up White House | False Flag Prep?

North Korea Accuses Obama of Involvement In response to the FBI’s accusation of being responsible for the SONY hack-attack, North Korea has denied all allegations and claims that it had absolutely no involvement in the cyber-attacks that left the entertainment … Continue reading

Deceased FBI Director: America controlled by “Shadow Government” [VIDEO]

Who is Ted Gunderson? Theodore “Ted” Gunderson (now deceased) was a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) special agent who was in charge of the division located in Los Angeles, California. The 2 cases that Gunderson was tell known for was … Continue reading

BROADCAST: Why do they keep practicing ‘Emergency Broadcasts’ ?

NOTE: This post is NOT solely addressing the Television broadcasts that have been around for years, but rather the NEWER broadcasts methods that have emerged such as phone calls, text messages, and local sirens. Early one morning (around 5am) I … Continue reading