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STONE MOUNTAIN: Town takes in MORE Refugees than NYC and LA Combined

STONE MOUNTAIN, GA — Despite being one of the smallest towns in Georgia with a population-size just shy of 6,000 people (5,000 less than Cordele, Ga) — This small Georgia town has now taken in nearly 10x more Syrian Refugees … Continue reading

MEEKE ADDISON: ‘Sexual orientation NOT EQUAL to Racial Discrimination’

Meeke Speaks Out on Same-sex ruling: Christian Activist and Radio Personality Meeke Addison is speaking out against the Supreme-Court ruling that upheld same-sex ‘marriage’ last Tuesday. The ruling concluded that marriage is a Constitutional Right for all Americans and therefore … Continue reading

Cultural Jihad, Are you prepared to Fight against it? [VIDEO]

What is jihad? Essentially, Jihad is an Islamic concept that indicates War or a Struggle against something. It is commonly referred to as a “Holy War” by Muslims world-wide. Many people are familiar with the most popular form of Jihad. … Continue reading