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VIRAL: Facebook Suspends 12yo Kid after Criticizing Obama? [VIDEO]

A 3 minute video recently emerged with a 12 year old boy criticizing The President for his inaction in the face of constant threats to America — both foreign and domestic. The video quickly went viral after being published online, … Continue reading

Lesson 3 – Promoting your posts VIA Facebook Groups

Website Traffic: Where can I get it? Hey everyone, Deon Here. Have you ever written a blog post and wondered why only a handful of people ever actually see them or read them? When I first started blogging and marketing … Continue reading

Facebook-Purge: is FB ‘Censoring’ Conservative, Christian, & “Conspiracy” bloggers?

Recently, I began using Facebook as one of my primary sources for traffic-generation. For those who are unaware, Facebook is one of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to drive both targeted and relevant traffic to any website once you find … Continue reading

Joel Osteen: Says Moses was Alive in ‘The Book of Daniel’ | Why Christians Should Study The Bible

Joel Osteen is the pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston,Texas. As of date, Joel Osteen has the #1 largest mega-church in America weighing in at just over 43k members. It is his growing membership that has earned him the title … Continue reading

NEWS: U.S. Marine Arrested w/o Charge for “Anti-Obama” Facebook Post | Diminishing Liberty

RICHMOND, Va — Brandon Raub, a 26 year-old decorated marine fought for his country on two occasions — serving in both Iraq and Afghanistan. During his military career, Raub received nothing but the highest praise from others in his brigade … Continue reading