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STONE MOUNTAIN: Town takes in MORE Refugees than NYC and LA Combined

STONE MOUNTAIN, GA — Despite being one of the smallest towns in Georgia with a population-size just shy of 6,000 people (5,000 less than Cordele, Ga) — This small Georgia town has now taken in nearly 10x more Syrian Refugees … Continue reading

REPORT: Georgia Rejects POTUS request to add Refugees, Too Risky.

Syrian Refugees: Risky Business? Although most Americans had forgotten about the growing threat of Radical Islamic groups such as ISIS, many of us were given a powerful reminder when we watched our long-time friend and ally (France) fall victim to … Continue reading

GEORGIA: Underground BUNKER worth $17.5M found in Tift County

Underground Bunker in GA TIFT COUNTY, GEORGIA — A Georgia home has been discovered that is garnishing massive attention for more than just it’s location and number of bathrooms. According to reports, a Home has been discovered in Tift county … Continue reading

‘Georgia Guidestones’ Exposed | 10 commandments of the ‘New World Order’

For years we have heard the rumors regarding the ‘Illuminati’ and the coming ‘New World Order’ (NWO) by people commonly referred to as “Conspiracy Theorists”. Although we commonly hear about organizations such as these, many still claimed that no sufficient … Continue reading