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PODCAST: Islam, Religion of Peace or Conquest?

A Historical Perspective on Islam With much of the controversy currently clouding the 2016 Presidential Election, it is crucially important that we address many of our Nation’s pressing problems — especially those concerning the safety and security of our Country. … Continue reading

TV SHOW: ‘Minority Report’ predicts Massive Amnesty for 10M+ Illegals?

Minority Report: Massive Amnesty? Hey everyone, sorry that I’ve been a little ‘sluggish’ with the content, however as many of you already know — the end of the year is always “crazy busy” for me. Nevertheless, I had to stop … Continue reading

FBI Director: ‘Agency overwhelmed by rapid Muslim Immigration to US’ [VIDEO]

Immigration or Invasion? According to reports, The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is being overwhelmed in it’s fight against radical Islam due to the massive number of Muslim immigrants migrating to America. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the current … Continue reading

POTUS: ‘I am expanding my authorities VIA Executive action’ [VIDEO]

Executive Action — or Overreach? Florida International University (FIU) — While speaking at a Town Hall event in Miami, President Obama made a few disturbing statements that should cause the hairs on the back of any American’s neck to stand up … Continue reading