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REPORT: Obama Administration “caught fighting for ISIS”, Attacks Syrian Army

U.S. Coalitions “Accidentally” strike Syrian Army Under the command of President Obama, a US-led coalition carried out an airstrike against ISIS in the Syrian Province. However when the missiles struck the ground, the only ingredient missing from the attack location … Continue reading

VIDEO: ISIS burning Bibles and Christian Literature in Mosul

Eradicating Christianity in the Region For quite some time now, America has been aware that ISIS is relentlessly pushing to eradicate Christianity from the Regions in which they dominate. However it would appear that the terror organization is now taking … Continue reading

REPORT: ISIS still killing Christians, Pres. Obama won’t call it “Genocide”

Christian Genocide in the Mid-East Since it’s emergence in roughly 2012, The radical Islamic group once known as “ISIS” has only been established under the Obama Administration. And if it weren’t for Russian intervention in Syria, they would be established … Continue reading

VIDEO: How The US is being used to Establish ‘Global Order’

Rick Wiles: The Coming New World Order As the conflict in Syria continues to escalate, we could certainly be witnessing the “birth pangs” of yet another war — something that many believe could be the final war to usher in … Continue reading

VIDEO: Russian war-planes Destroy 22 ISIS Oil Tankers in Route to Turkey

Russia-Syria alliance cutting off ISIS Oil According to reports, both Russia and Syria have ramped up their attacks against the Islamic State by targeting their financial infrastructure which is comprised mostly of oil distribution to nearby nations such as Turkey. … Continue reading

‘Anonymous’ Declares Cyber-War on Turkey for Supporting ISIS

Turkey:Cyber Attack shuts down Internet According to reports, Anonymous, a Hacktivist group has assumed responsibility for a heavily coordinated cyber-attack that wounded Turkey’s Internet infrastructure last week. The organization vowed to continue it’s attacks on the Nation’s Internet unless they … Continue reading

PUTIN: Russian President hints at NUKE’ing ISIS if Necessary

Russian President taking Fight to ISIS Unlike many other Nations, Russia has literally put it’s money where it’s mouth is. Russia has undoubtedly taken the fight to the Islamic State in conducting large-scale military operations targeting ISIS operations in Syria. … Continue reading

REPORT: Iraqis think POTUS ‘Helping’ Islamic State

IRAQ: Soldiers think POTUS Helping Islamic State? Pretty much all that is in the news these days is pertaining to the “War on ISIS”. Despite conflicting reports from his military analysts and commanders, President Obama continues to insist that ISIS … Continue reading

CENTCOM: 50+ Intelligence agents say Obama Admin hiding truth about ISIS

The Fight against ISIS: Not Going So Well? Since the emergence of ISIS roughly two years ago, Americans were initially assured that ISIS was not a real threat. The Obama Administration made sure that Americans knew this by comparing the … Continue reading

HOMELAND SECURITY: Officials Warn, Obama’s “Refugee” Policy could Welcome ISIS

Watch the latest video at Syrian Crisis: Could ISIS exploit? Amid the Syrian Civil War, roughly 4 Million Syrians have fled the region and are currently seeking shelter in some of the neighboring Countries. However according to reports, The … Continue reading