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PODCAST: Islam, Religion of Peace or Conquest?

A Historical Perspective on Islam With much of the controversy currently clouding the 2016 Presidential Election, it is crucially important that we address many of our Nation’s pressing problems — especially those concerning the safety and security of our Country. … Continue reading

REPORT: ISIS still killing Christians, Pres. Obama won’t call it “Genocide”

Christian Genocide in the Mid-East Since it’s emergence in roughly 2012, The radical Islamic group once known as “ISIS” has only been established under the Obama Administration. And if it weren’t for Russian intervention in Syria, they would be established … Continue reading

REPORT: 7th Graders told “Allah is the Only God” in Classroom

Islamic Indoctrination in Public School System? Maury County, TN — According to reports, 7th graders in Spring Hill Middle school spent roughly 3 weeks covering Islam in a social-studies course. However during that time students were encouraged to declare that … Continue reading

FBI Director: ‘Agency overwhelmed by rapid Muslim Immigration to US’ [VIDEO]

Immigration or Invasion? According to reports, The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is being overwhelmed in it’s fight against radical Islam due to the massive number of Muslim immigrants migrating to America. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the current … Continue reading

REPORT: Imam risks life to Convert to Christianity, ‘The Bible is my Weapon’

Imam converts to Christianity A Former Muslim Cleric (preacher) who converted to Christianity after encountering Jesus Christ in a dream — has now been ostracized from his family and brutally beaten and persecuted for his conversion from Islam. However he … Continue reading

BOSTON BOMBER: ‘May Allah have Mercy upon Victims’ [VIDEO]

Boston Bomber addresses Court: Many of you probably remember the incident that unfolded a little over 2 years ago that involved 2 brothers who reportedly planted a bomb near the finish-line at the Boston Marathon that killed 4 and injured … Continue reading

DREAM: Islamic gangs coming to America?

DREAM: Islamic Gangs in America Hey guys, I wanted write this quick post to share a dream I had a few weeks back. I wish I had shared it earlier because some of the details have slipped away from me, … Continue reading

Nation of Islam: ‘Soon, you Whites will Bow Down, Its already Happening’ [Strong Language]

DISCLAIMER: Video contains Strong language 5 Percenters: ‘You are All going to Die’ This recording is a clip of a confrontation that took place in the streets of New York between several Members of the Five-pecent Nation (a radical offshoot … Continue reading

Boko Haram adopts ISIS ‘Religious cleansing’ Strategy, Targeting Christians

Middle East: The Christian ‘Purge’ According to sources, the Islamic militia known as Boko Haram has adopted the ‘Religious Cleansing’ strategy of ISIS and is now specifically targeting Christian cities and villages in what is being deemed the Christian Holocaust. … Continue reading

Somali Christian gives up Family, Education, and safety to Follow Christ

Christianity under Attack: In America, Christians are constantly bombarded with local issues — however the problems that we often see unfolding in our own country are not worthy to be compared with what our Christian brothers and sisters are experiencing … Continue reading