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CHRISTIAN BAKERY: Fined 135,000$ for refusing ‘same-sex’ Wedding Cake

Christian Businesses under Fire: As morality continues to decline in America, Christian businesses are now facing persecution on every side for simply standing for their Religious convictions. As you will soon learn, a Christian bakery is now being sued for … Continue reading

VIDEO: High-School Graduate’s impromptu Prayer goes VIRAL

High-school Graduate’s prayer goes Viral An Alabama High-school graduation ceremony took an unexpected twist when a medical emergency unfolded in the stands as one parent reportedly had a seizure. Christian Crawford (one of the graduates) had already opened the graduation … Continue reading

Christians rebuke Tornado in Jesus’ name, Watch what Happens [VIDEO]

Power in the Name of Jesus: When Jesus was teaching his disciples about the Kingdom of God, they often marvelled at the miraculous signs and wonders that accompanied his message. However as they sat in amazement, Jesus told them something … Continue reading

Watch as 4 Homeless men get Extreme Makeover [VIDEO]

Dear Christian, Are you sharing God’s Love? While checking my feed on Facebook, I stumbled across this awesome video (by Joshua Feuerstein) and it greatly touched my heart. Sometimes Christians can get so caught up in their own problems that … Continue reading

Homeless Man Wins the Lottery! | Heart Warming Story [VIDEO]

Sometimes we can become so wrapped up in our own tiny problems that we completely forget that there are others out there who live a much harder life than our own. In the video you are about to watch, A … Continue reading

How we “Baby Step” our way to Christ

Many times as Christians we convince ourselves that the day we give our lives to Christ, that is the day that we automatically become perfect. It is as if we expect God to split the sky and send down a … Continue reading

Ghost Hunter encounters demon, and calls on Jesus for help

Kristine McGuire was born a christian but then later began mixing occultism along with many other religions in with her own. As an adult, she decided to make a profession out of Ghost Hunting and supernatural events. But she soon … Continue reading

Will YOU make it into heaven? Watch this Video to Find OUT!

Are You a Good Person? If you ask most people this question, the vast majority of humanity will reply with a solid Yes. But this is because they are judging themselves by their OWN standards, and not by God’s. On … Continue reading

What Is the Rapture?

For years, many have questioned the validity of the event that most evangelicals refer to as the Rapture. The purpose of this article is not to force an opinion on the reader, but instead we will present the FACTS and … Continue reading

Life Without Christ

A Life without Christ is Like this box… …EMPTY