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Illuminati: ‘How we will use the Poor and Ignorant to Birth the NWO’

The Plan: As an African American man, having understood and experienced many of the hardships currently plaguing African American communities — Not only do I Love the members of my race, but I am honestly sympathetic to the struggle. However … Continue reading

OPINION: Are ‘Race-Wars’ being used to spark Civil Unrest?

Race Wars: Old pan, New Generation In the mid 1960s-80s, There was a plot developed that intended to make BLACKS riot and revolt using political and racial injustice as the primary tool. This contingency plan was not declassified until 1984, … Continue reading

Al Sharpton is a “Cartoon” says Black Sheriff | Race-Pimping gone Awry

Racial Tensions: Sharpton Cashes in If you have been following the news in recent weeks, no doubt you have heard all the controversy over the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases in which black men were killed by on-duty officers. … Continue reading