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REPORT: Obama Administration “caught fighting for ISIS”, Attacks Syrian Army

U.S. Coalitions “Accidentally” strike Syrian Army Under the command of President Obama, a US-led coalition carried out an airstrike against ISIS in the Syrian Province. However when the missiles struck the ground, the only ingredient missing from the attack location … Continue reading

VIDEO: How The US is being used to Establish ‘Global Order’

Rick Wiles: The Coming New World Order As the conflict in Syria continues to escalate, we could certainly be witnessing the “birth pangs” of yet another war — something that many believe could be the final war to usher in … Continue reading

VIDEO: Russian war-planes Destroy 22 ISIS Oil Tankers in Route to Turkey

Russia-Syria alliance cutting off ISIS Oil According to reports, both Russia and Syria have ramped up their attacks against the Islamic State by targeting their financial infrastructure which is comprised mostly of oil distribution to nearby nations such as Turkey. … Continue reading

PUTIN: Russian President hints at NUKE’ing ISIS if Necessary

Russian President taking Fight to ISIS Unlike many other Nations, Russia has literally put it’s money where it’s mouth is. Russia has undoubtedly taken the fight to the Islamic State in conducting large-scale military operations targeting ISIS operations in Syria. … Continue reading

REPORT: Russia preparing for Air-strikes against ISIS (and U.S. Back’d Syrian Rebels)

Russia Prepares to enter Syrian Conflict According to reports, Russian fighter pilots and military personnel are said to be arriving in Syria in the upcoming days. While there, these Russian fighters will allegedly be used to carry out various Military … Continue reading

TECHNOLOGY: Russian Scientists Create artificial “Brain” that can Learn

Next Gen: Artificial Intelligence According to reports, In a step to push the world closer to the type of AI (Artificial Intelligence) that we often see in movies such as “Terminator” or “Stealth” — Russian scientists have developed a physical … Continue reading

REPORT: As US Military is ‘Downsized’, Russia Preparing for WW3

Growing Conflict: As reported by  Michael Snyder — “The Russian military and the U.S. military are going in two very different directions. Military spending in Russia is increasing by a whopping 33 percent this year alone, and the Russians are … Continue reading

‘Noah’s Ark 2.0’: Russia to build world’s first DNA Databank for all life

Russia to Build Genetic ‘Noah’s Ark’ Unlike the biblical account of Noah, Russia is not planning to build an ark that is 300 cubits in length, 50 cubits in breadth (width), and 30 cubits in height. Instead Russia has just … Continue reading

NEWS: President Obama Urges U.N. to impose Sanctions against Russia

September 25, 2014 — In his address Thursday to the United Nations, President Obama talked openly about a wide range of issues ranging from “Climate Change” to the ISIS crisis we now see occurring in the heart of Iraq. Russia: … Continue reading