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VIDEO: Strange ‘Sci-Fi’ sounds coming from Sky, LISTEN

The Sound of ‘Trumpet’ Blasts? All over the world, there are strange noises being heard that sound like something out of a Science Fiction Novel. Whenever I hear the sounds in the video, immediately I think about the movie “War … Continue reading

VIRAL: Despite all Odds, Watch 2-year old kid take his first steps

As reported by ABC News — “A 2-year-old born with a rare birth defect that resulted in the amputations of both a foot and a leg is proving to be an inspiration after a YouTube video captured him saying, “I … Continue reading

VIDEO: Liberal Media Lying about Netanyahu’s Visit

In recent weeks, there has been a flood of controversy surrounding American and Israeli relations. It is no secret that the Obama Administration is not very fond of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and on more than one occasion … Continue reading

VIRAL: Watch as these Marines praise GOD! | Days of Elijah [VIDEO]

Hey readers, Deon Here. While surfing the web I ended up stumbling across this awesome video. In the video, a group of Marines are praising and worshiping God as they sing the hit gospel song “Days of Elijah”. I must … Continue reading