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TECH: US Military developing ‘Mosquito’ Drones, (‘OFF’ spray won’t stop it)


Modern Warfare: Beware of ‘Insect’ Drones

We have all experienced the annoyance of being outside on a sunny day, only to be pestered by swarms of gnats and mosquitos trying to make us their next ‘meal’.

Yet although we may have an annoying ‘Bump’ or two on our arms and legs the next day, Mosquitos and other little bugs have never posed a real threat to our well-being.

However we could soon find ourselves fanning away a NEW nuisance — ‘Insect’ drones.

According to reports, in an effort to create harder-to-detect surveillance drones — The United States military has been actively supporting research labs who are now attempting to make drones so tiny that they are practically invisible to those not actively searching for them.

As reported by RT News:

“In an effort to create a hard-to-detect surveillance drone that will operate with little or no direct human supervision in out of the way and adverse environments, researchers are mimicking nature.

The University of Pennsylvania GRASP Lab showed off a network of 20 nano-quad rotors capable of agile flight, which could swarm and navigate in an environment with obstacles.”

The article continues:

“This is another step away from bulky heavily armed aerial vehicles or humanoid robots to a much smaller level of tiny remote-control devices. While current drones lack manoeuvrability, can’t hover and move fast enough, these new devices will be able to land precisely and fly off again at speed.

One day the military hope they may prove a crucial tactical advantage in wars and could even save lives in disasters. They can also be helpful inside caves and barricaded rooms to send back real-time intelligence about the people and weapons inside.”

Technology: When Tech and Morals bump heads

javaIt goes without saying that this type of technology is remarkable and can offer equally remarkable advantages in times of War and Emergency.

However if used maliciously, the same technology can prove to be an remarkably destructive tool in the hands of extremely destructive people.


Can you imagine a drone so small that it could be used to gather information while still remaining undetected?

Information such as the next Terror attack or plot against the Homeland could prove invaluable in our fight against violent extremism and radical Islam.

In addition, can you imagine a drone so small that in times of National Disaster (such as hurricane katrina), swarms of these ‘bots’ could be released to find citizens who are trapped under rubble, on roof-tops, or in blocked-off rooms?

This technology could be extremely beneficial.


As with all things, we must equally evaluate all the negative aspects that this technology could possibly bring about.

If placed in the wrong hands, can you imagine the damage that this type of technology would do?

What if this technology was used to spy on American citizens? or maybe in Churches and Mosques?

Think about that little ‘bug’ drone in the Transformers Movie that helped the Decepticons find Sam Witwicky (played by Shia LaBeouf) and his girlfriend.


Can you imagine a little ‘Mosquito’ drone secretly stealing your DNA while you are at the park? Or Even WORSE — can you imagine it Injecting a poisonous substance (such as Cyanide) into your blood stream while you fast asleep?

Yet this is the age that we are living in.

As time marches on, we must make a conscious decision about what is moral and what is not. In addition, we must make an active effort to not just define that ‘Line’, but to ensure that we never Cross it.

However, can we entrust this type of technology in the hands politicians who have already proven that they don’t mind misusing technology for personal or political gain?

Share your thoughts below.

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