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TECHNOLOGY: Scientists Wirelessly Control Mice via BRAIN Implant [VIDEO]


Technological Mind Control?

As technology advances, we will undoubtedly be faced with a new set of moral and ethical boundaries that, if we are not careful, could lead us down a very dark and sinister path.

The purpose of this post is to alert our readers that something that was once considered nothing more than “Science Fiction” has just been promoted to Science Fact.

For years the neuro-scientific community has been plagued with the question of whether it is possible to use some sort of device to control the actions and/or the behavior of another creature.

Today that question has been answered.

According to reports, neuroscientists have successfully developed and tested a remote-controlled brain implant in Mice that allows them (humans) to send signals to the tiny brains of the mice and cause them to perform certain actions.

Although this technology has not been fully mastered, Scientists have shown that they can successfully control which path a Mouse takes by using the device “poke” the brain of the creature.

As reported by RT News:

“The implant, which is narrower than a human hair, alters the neural networks of the mice using wireless signals, allowing researchers to study neural stimulation without invasive procedures.

The “optofluidic” implant was developed by a team from the Washington University School of Medicine and the University of Illinois with the hope that it could one day be used to treat a range of neurological disorders in humans by targeting therapies to the patients’ specific neural networks.”

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