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VIDEO: Teens try to Summon Demon named ‘Charlie’, Facebook-Challenge


‘Charlie’ challenge: Teens Delve into the Occult

SOCIAL MEDIA — Do you remember the ‘Challenges’ that were going around not long ago that had kids doing amazingly stupid things?

The Ice-challenge had kids pouring ice on themselves, the Fire-challenge had kids setting themselves on Fire. In addition to these, there were countless more ridiculous ‘Challenges’ that are too plenteous to be listed here.

However it would now appear that Satan himself has hijacked the ‘Game’ and is using it to get kids to do blatantly idiotic (and potentially harmful) things.

Not long ago we shared a post where teenagers were attempting to damn their souls to Hell by blaspheming the Holy Spirit (the 1 unforgivable offense) — today we have yet another challenge that is [almost] as crazy as that one… It is called the ‘Charlie’ challenge.

Here is a video clip:

DISCLAIMER: If you are naturally a fearful person I would highly recommend that you don’t watch this video clip. In addition, if your faith is not rooted in Jesus Christ, I would suggest you avoid it as well. (video contains some strong language)

Here is how it works: You take one sheet of paper and make a cross, thus splitting it into four regions. On the Top halves, you right “YES” in one region and “NO” in the other. You repeat the process for the bottom half, except this time you reverse the answers. After that, you take 2 pencils and make a ‘cross’ with them. From there you are supposed to be able to ask ‘Charlie’ questions.

The game is basically a cross between “Bloody Mary” and the Ouija board.

However the saddest part is that most of these kids have no idea that they have just partaken of something that is far more than a ‘Game’. They are completely oblivious to the fact that by simply attempting to ‘commune’ with these spirits, they have opened their lives up to them.

Dear Parents: Where are You?

When I see things like this, It often saddens me.

The things that were once abhorred and despised in America is now openly accepted. Yet, those who STILL abhor and despise these things are now demonized and labeled as ‘religious’.

No wonder America is on such a downward spiral, we no longer teach our children the ways of God. Instead we allow them to be brainwashed into the occult with countless movies that put a positive spin on ‘Magic’, ‘Demons/Spirits’, and ‘Spell Casting’ while simultaneously insulting the Bible and the Gospel of Christ.

Truth be told, when one considers just how many Cartoons and Disney movies our kid’s are watching that contain occultic teachings and practices —  it would be strange if their underdeveloped minds DIDN’T want to learn more about witchcraft after seeing just 20% of the movies they have already watched.

Where are the people who will stand in the divide and fight against this deception?

Will You Fight it? (start by sharing this post with everyone you know)



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