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Lottie Schaff

“Love you Guys, DeonVsEarth”

Alicia W.

DeonVsEarth is amazingly accurate and credible. In addition, This type of information feeds and stimulates your mind! Overall, DeonVsEarth is a Great source for Christians.

Kasandraa R.

“Amen!!! & keep up your great work, Deon, you are truly an inspiration & you are truly an intelligent, humble soul!”

Lauren L.

“I was at a restaurant the other day, they were talking about your blog! Just want to let you know you’re famous in VA and getting your message out here.“

Ziva M.

“Great Reporting DeonVsEarth. Thank You!”

Heather D.

“I LOVE how you write Deon. The words in your article were jumping out at me not from surprise, but from divine appointment.”

Ann T.

“You are a wealth of knowledge Deon. You truly are helping me a great deal in such a short span of time. Thank you.”

Doug F.

“Enjoy your posts DeonVsEarth and look forward to reading more. This is a time for open doors into the the understanding of the Kingdom of God!”

Robert B.

“Great Read DeonVsEarth. Thanks”

Shabreka R.

“I really love DeonVsEarth because I can go back and read their articles for encouragement and interesting content!”