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The Christian’s Pledge of Allegiance

September 18, 2014

christian-pledge-to-the-lambI Pledge Allegiance, to the Lamb — The Holy Lamb of God.

And to the Blood, which he has shed

One Body, One Sacrifice, One Atonement

For Believers — with “Righteousness” imputed to them All.




Founder at DeonVsEarth
Deon is a Thought-Leader, Philosopher, Researcher, Entrepreneur, Internet marketer, and Social-Media extraordinaire.

After spending years studying the inner workings of the Cyber world, Deon has been given many titles as a direct result of his expertise on a wide array of platforms -- both online and off.

But whether the subject is Marketing, Advertising, Blogging, Branding, Web Metrics, Systems Design, Advanced Social-Media integration, Research, or Investigation -- Deon has definitely earned a prominent name for himself within the cyber community.

However, the only title he actually values is... "Christian"