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REPORT: Obama Threatens to cut US support to Israel at UN?

June 3, 2015

Update: Sorry, We are having technical difficulties with the video. We are working to have this issue resolved. In the mean time, If you are unable to view it — please feel free to read the accompanying article.

Obama using US-Israeli relationship to Force ‘Peace-talks’

While giving an interview with Israeli media outlets, President Obama ‘inadvertently’ hinted that should Israel refuse to resume peace negotiations with the Palestinian State (PA) it would “make it hard” for the U.S. to veto motions against Israel at the United Nations (UN).

As reported by IsraelNationalNews

“In an interview with Ilana Dayan for Channel 2’s “Uvda” (Fact) TV show aired Tuesday night, Obama commented on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s statements before elections in which he said that a Palestinian state won’t be founded on his watch.

Obama noted that later Netanyahu distanced from the statement and “suggested that there is the possibility of a Palestinian state. But it has so many caveats, so many conditions, that it is not realistic to think that those conditions would be met anytime in the near future.”

Those conditions have included the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state and demilitarization, conditions that proved problematic in the last round of peace talks that Obama pushed into existence in late 2013.”

As the interview progressed, the reporter recounted a quote that the President made at an earlier time where he admitted that with every decision he makes there is always a 30-40% chance that he could be wrong.

She followed this up by informing the President that Israel simply cannot afford to base it’s very survival on the hopes of him being right when the possibility of him being wrong is almost equally as high.

Obama to Israel: Make Peace, Or Else

Time and time again this administration has either failed our allies (Israel, Ukraine, Egypt, Iraq) or burned bridges with them — All the while building mega-highways with America’s enemies.

Iran continually calls for the utter destruction of both America and Israel, yet our President is currently bending over backwards to reach a Nuclear agreement with them that would leave them with a nuclear bomb in less than 10 years (which they would then use to destroy Israel).

Unfortunately, because the average American is unable to ‘Decrypt’ the President’s Fancy rhetoric and glossy speeches — they are cannot unveil and analyze the true logic in his argument.

What is his Logic?

‘We can stop Iran from getting a Nuclear Bomb, by giving them the freedom they need to build it’

Doesn’t make much sense when you put it that way does it?



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  • Diane Crouse

    Good article and great points.Deon. Obama is a double minded man and as such is unstable in all his ways.

  • Diane Crouse

    Deon did you notice that the video is not working? I just wanted to let you know.

    • dlundy1

      Thank you for the heads up Diane, We are working to resolve this issue as we speak. The video should be available shortly

      • Diane Crouse

        I just tried it again and it is now working. Thanks.