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VIDEO: Oklahoma Court rules ‘Ten Commandments’ statue must GO

July 7, 2015

‘Ten Commandments’ no longer valued

ten-commandSince America’s inception, the ‘Ten Commandments’ have been nothing less than a cornerstone for American Law. Despite what the critics claim, Christianity was ’embedded’ into the very foundation of this Land.

However if one looks at America today, they will undoubtedly have trouble believing that we were ever guided by Christian principles.

Today is just one more story atop of an already large pile.

According to reports, The Oklahoma Supreme Court has ruled that the ‘Ten Commandments’ monument is in direct violation of the Oklahoma Constitution (not to be confused with the Federal Constitution).

The vote was 7-2, with the majority in favor of removing the monument.

As reported by Erick Erickson, Fox News contributor:

“Here is what is going on. The politicians on the Oklahoma Supreme Court recognize, after last Friday, that the United States has divorced itself from Judeo-Christian values and laws. They are just the first state court to really get in line with the new cultural zeitgeist.”

Sadly, I couldn’t agree more with this statement.

America continues to ‘divorce’ it’s Christian roots one step at a time, however what many are unaware of is that when a Nation ‘Divorces’ God — they will lose his ‘blessings’ in the settlement.

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  • Don’t sneeze on me!

    Do you not understand the idea of the seperation of church and state and why it is there? It’s not the separation of the people from the church as it was in Soviet Russia. It’s a concept that is there to allow free thinking Americans to adopt thier own ideas about religion without interference from the State. Would you like to live in Iran? In a theocracy? Seems to me you are confused!