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Video Outage

January 30, 2014

tv-outHey guys, firstly I want to thank everyone who takes the time to stop by the blog and checkout the Blog-Posts and the Video-blogs.

The Good News:

We have noticed a significant increase in viewership which means more people are reading and viewing our posts, and hopefully this will lead to them getting to know Jesus Christ more!

The Bad News:

One of our Youtube channels that hosted a significant amount of our videos was removed for violating YouTube’s “Terms of Service” therefore some of the video-posts may be down.

But FEAR NOT!super

We have learned a very valuable lesson from this and are going to be working around the clock to restore all the videos that are currently down because of this issue. Be sure to stay tuned! 🙂



Founder at DeonVsEarth
Deon is a Thought-Leader, Philosopher, Researcher, Entrepreneur, Internet marketer, and Social-Media extraordinaire.

After spending years studying the inner workings of the Cyber world, Deon has been given many titles as a direct result of his expertise on a wide array of platforms -- both online and off.

But whether the subject is Marketing, Advertising, Blogging, Branding, Web Metrics, Systems Design, Advanced Social-Media integration, Research, or Investigation -- Deon has definitely earned a prominent name for himself within the cyber community.

However, the only title he actually values is... "Christian"