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Will You Give It Back? l Ann Thomas

Ann Thomas
January 13, 2015

abraham and isaac


Hi y’all. It’s Ann with a question.

What’s the most valuable thing in your life? Take a moment to think about it. Got it? Now… What if God asked you to give that thing or person BACK to Him? Notice I said ‘back.’ James 1:17 says EVERY good and perfect gift comes from God. 

Our wealth is a gift from God. Our relationships are a gift from God. Our ministry is a gift from God. Our education is a gift from God. Our children are a gift from God. Everything good that we have comes from God. It belongs to God and so when He asks for it, He is basically asking us to give it back to Him.

Why would God do this? Because He wants to make sure that we are not worshiping the gift more than the ONE who gave it to us. 

God promised and delivered a son to Abraham in his old age. And just when Abraham was enjoying Isaac, God told him to sacrifice him. God wanted Him back.

In hindsight after reading the story it becomes evident that God was testing Abraham’s faith and already had a plan in place. But even after knowing that story, are you willing to give God what He’s asking of you?

God is NOT like man. He does not lie (Numbers 23:19). So if God made a promise to you, He will keep it. He will either return it or replace it. And when God replaces, it’s always better than the original.

More than likely, God will not ask any of us to lay our children on the altar. But He might ask you to give up a certain relationship. He may ask you to quit your job and trust Him to be in full time ministry. He might be asking you to release a wayward/rebellious son or daughter into his care by requiring them to leave your house.

Whatever He’s asking – it will be a major sacrifice for YOU. But know that God has a reason for doing everything He does. At the core of who He is, God desires for us to obey and trust Him implicitly.

For some of you reading this post, you already know what God is asking you to give up or give back.

Are you willing/ready to give it up/back?   


Ann Thomas

Ann Thomas

Contributor at DeonVsEarth
Author/Speaker Ann Thomas is the founder of Ann Thomas Ministry - a ministry dedicated to encourage, equip, and empower men and women to acknowledge and embrace their God-given purpose and destiny.

Born in the West Indies, raised in NY, and now residing in the Tampa Bay area, Ann is the proud mom of two sons, ages 22 and 17, an author, full time professional, a former radio host, inspirational and motivational speaker, serves in her local church, and ministers in the prisons on a weekly basis.

Ann’s book, “The Consecrated Cocoon – Emerging from Intimate Isolation with Power and Purpose” is a birthing place for revelation, deliverance, healing, truth, and freedom for readers who have been rejected, dismissed or hurt by others; or who are angry, disappointed, or confused by what God has allowed to enter into their life by way of a trial. Drawing on the similarities of a caterpillar metamorphosis process, Ann introduces readers to a spiritual cocoon that is a necessary time of isolation where God protects, prunes, refines, restores, prepares, and ultimately propels his mighty warriors into purpose and destiny. As readers discover a deeper intimacy with God, they also receive His unconditional love, realize their worth, and re-discover their purpose in HIM.

A blessed daughter of the Most High King and through the power of the Holy Spirit, Ann ministers at various events to fulfill the mandate of Luke 4:18. Her desire is to boldly proclaim the gospel so people will be saved, liberated, healed, and delivered.

Ann also facilitates 'topic-driven' workshops (small or large groups) that are customized based on the desired participant outcome. Topics vary to include (but are not limited to) rejection, abandonment, divorce, unforgiveness, adultery, abuse, abortion, rape, and self-esteem.
Ann Thomas

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